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Mexico Chiapas Mayan Harvest

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Our coffee importer does a great job in pointing us to unique lots of coffee. However, one of our more recent offerings is extra special, and many of you will recognize it. Mayan Harvest is back! This is not only a fantastic Mexican Chiapas regional coffee, but the back story makes it even more impressive. It's a coffee I am proud to be able to offer whenever we can get it.

As you know, I seek coffee from grower cooperatives that uplift the communities from where the beans are grown. Projects like Mayan Harvest especially shake up the legacy power dynamics by rewarding small-scale farmers' hard work and giving women a platform to provide for themselves inspire me. These women have been empowered, and they are lifting entire families and communities. In so doing, businesses like Mayan Harvest create a more sustainable future for the specialty coffee industry.

The incredible story is the quality of the coffee. The altitude, abundance of fresh water, and geography help farmers maintain varieties that are harder to find in Mexico nowadays, like bourbon and typica, adapted to these mountainous regions for decades. There are few coffees out there that have this level of complexity and delicacy of floral and fruit notes while at the same time possessing mass appeal. You will be pleased to taste the high sweetness and chocolaty, creamy body. Any brewing method will draw out the fine qualities of these beans.

To drink this coffee is to be transported to a place of perfection. I'm getting notes of light spring flowers, cinnamon raisin toast, and overall sweetness in the nose.

The cup is silky and smooth. There's almost a fruitcake richness, a hint of dried apricot, and cherry cola notes, too.

The finish is divine. It's quick and clean, with a hint of smokiness. The deep, concentrated sweet raisin notes are there all the way through.


Aroma: Sweet Pastry, Caramel, Creamy
Cup: Silky, Bright, Creamy, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Molasses
Finish: Quick, Clean, Deep Chocolate Notes, Powdered Sugar Chocolate Truffles

One Pound

About this Coffee

Grower: 42 women coffee producers associated with Rosalba Cifuentes
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, and Catimor
Region: La rinconada, El progreso, Unión progreso, Barrio montaña and Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico
Harvest:  December-March
Altitude: 1550-1650 meters
Soil: Clay minerals
Process:  Fully washed and dried in the sun


Mexico Chiapas Mayan Harvest Women's Group is sourced from 42 family-owned farms located in communities within the municipality of Bella Vista in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia, who was raised in the Bella Vista coffee community, has dedicated herself to helping producers with small plots of land (averaging 5 acres) earn a better price for their coffee. Rosalba ensures traceability for her communities coffee by personally exporting the coffee directly to the Bay Area. Rosalba also concerns herself with the small details like being sure to pull samples without piercing the producers bags, which has eliminated the cost of replacing damaged bags. These efforts allow producers to earn higher prices and reinvest in better agricultural practices and improve livelihoods for their families. This is the first year that the Mayan Harvest Women’s Group has exported coffee. Through Mayan Harvest’s system of traceability and improved premiums returned directly to the women, this coffee recognizes their work and gives them financial empowerment.

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