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Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso

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I'm really pleased to have organic Nicaragua Jinotega coffee back. This latest crop is a standout, so make sure to get some soon.

Nicaraguan coffee is considered one of the most competitive coffees globally for its good quality and complex flavor, which is well-balanced and pleasant. Our current offering is all this and more.

In the nose, I'm getting the aroma of fresh earth, deep and enticing, with a hint of cocoa and a pinch of cane sugar. The cup is really full and quite bold. Creamy, thick with notes of sweetness and delicious hints of walnuts and chocolate, Like a walnut brownie. The finish is fantastic: Clean and smooth.

Really, this is an incredibly impressive coffee. I am looking forward to drinking a lot of it in the days to come.

Known as "the city of the mist," Jinotega is the urban center of this mountainous municipality of cool weather, where several natural pine and cloud forest reserves are located.  Bordering Honduras, the mountainous region is famous for its beautiful cliff-side vistas, natural hot springs, and quality coffee. Along the high northern peaks, Jinotega boasts extraordinary biodiversity and fertile soil. Mild temperature and evenly distributed rainfall over the year make this the perfect location for quality coffees. This region has produced 30 winning coffees in the Cup of Excellence. 

Aroma: Fresh Earth, a hint of deep cocoa
Cup: Bold, Full, Thick and Creamy, sweet, nutty, walnut brownie
Finish:  Clean and Smooth


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About this Coffee

GROWER: Juan de Dios Castillo and Miriam Aruaz (J&M Family Coffee, S.A.)REGION: Jinotega, Nicaragua
ALTITUDE: 1150 – 1500 meters
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in the sun
VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor, and Marogogype
HARVEST: December – March
SOIL: Volcanic loam
CERTIFICATION: Organically grown

NICARAGUA ORGANIC JINOTEGA PARAISO is grown on five small farms located in Jinotega's municipality within the Jinotega, Nicaragua department. Juan de Dios Castillo and his wife, Miriam Aruaz, began buying the land to form the Paraíso farms in the 1980s with money earned from their tailor shop, which is still in operation today. Much of the coffee business has been passed on to Juan and Miriam’s five children, who formed J&M Family Coffee (“J” for Juan and “M” for Miriam) to export high-quality coffee without compromising the environment. J&M Family Coffee operates its own wet and dry mill, giving them full control over processing the coffee.

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