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Flores Wongawali Ngura

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All we can say is WOW about this organic and Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee from Flores, Indonesia.  It is about as sophisticated, refined, and exotic as they come.   You'll want to have a seat in a fine, plush chair with a good book as you sip this thick, earthy, Indonesian coffee.  This is the big brother to Komodo Dragon and Sumatra's prom date!

We have a major find with Flores Wongawali Ngura!  As is just about always the case with Indonesian coffee, the aroma starts out rich and earthy, with smoky notes. In the cup, the body is full and velvety with the deepest of winelike burgundy and port berries.  The finish is like a fine spicy cigar with more notes of rich berry.  Take your palate to the next level with this fine coffee from Flores.

Aroma: Earthy, Spicy, Smoked Meat, Hints of darker pit fruit

Body: Full, Velvety round mouth feel, very wine forward, Burgandy and Port accents.

Finish: Cigars, Cherry, Plum, Spice

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About this Coffee

GROWER: Wongawali Farmer Group
REGION: Ngada Regency, East Nusa Teggara Province, Flores, Indonesia
ALTITUDE: 1300-1600 meters
PROCESS: Wet -hulled and dried in the sun
VARIETY: Catimor, S795, and Typica
HARVEST: October-January
SOIL: Volcanic loam
CERTIFICATION: Organic, Rainforest Alliance


FLORES ORGANIC RFA WONGAWALI NGURA RED CHERRY  is sourced from 80 family owned farms located on the eastern slopes of Wolo Ngadha and Wolo Atagae in the Ngada regency of Flores, Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The Wongawali farmer group has pooled resources to improve processing coffee using wet-hulling techniques (called “Ngura” in the Ngadha language), a uniquely Indonesian processing method in which the coffee parchment is removed before the final drying is completed, giving the coffee its hallmark Indonesian flavor. Coffee is dried on raised beds at this location. The Red Cherry Project coffees provide dividends to farmers who deliver ripe coffee to collection centers.

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