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El Salvador Finca Cruz Gorda

$ 16.00

Received 4/4/2017

Our latest offering from El Salvador is truly special.  Finca Cruz Gorda was a top ten finisher in the prestigious El Salvador Cup of Excellence in 2015.  When we cupped this coffee, we could see why.  The body is richer than the typical El Salvador.  Grown at an elevation above 1200 meters/4000 feet, the beans develop more slowly, resulting in a denser high quality bean.  Sip for yourself.

Aroma: Floral, Sweet Pea, Lilly
Body:  Dense/Syrup, thicker than the typical Central American
Cup:  Oaky, Spice, A Hint of Lavender
Finish: Cocoa, Allspice, Oak, Tobacco

About this Coffee

GROWER: Sergio Catani | Finca Cruz Gorda
REGION: Juayua, Sonsonate, El Salvador
ALTITUDE: 1,250 - 1,360 meters
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in the sun
VARIETY: Bourbon, Lempira, Marsellesa, and Costa Rica 95
HARVEST: November - January
SOIL: Volcanic Loam
CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance Certified

This coffee is sourced from Finca Cruz Gorda located near the community of San Jose La Majada in the municipality of Juayua within the department of Sonsonate, El Salvador.  Sergio Catani owns the 200-acre estate and operates his own milling facility, which has brought them a renowned reputation for meticulous attention to detail from year-around farm management to quality control in the cupping lab, and everything in between. 

Coffee from Finca Gorda earned a top ten finish in the 2015 El Salvador Cup of Excellence.  Finca Cruz Gorda is not just an award-winning coffee farm, it is also an important economic anchor for the families in the surrounding communities that make the farm a success. 

As such, the Catani family takes every opportunity to celebrate holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Children’s Day with the community.  The Catanis also support clean the street days, as well as environmental education and other financial needs for the local school.

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