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The island of Java holds immense historical significance in the early coffee trade. 

In the 17th century, Java became one of the first major coffee-producing regions outside Ethiopia and quickly gained popularity in Europe, becoming synonymous with high-quality coffee.

Modern coffee culture in Tanzania is vibrant and continues to grow, offering a delightful experience for locals and visitors.

1) Java Kayumas Taman Dadar is a Certified Organic coffee grown by small-hold farmers. This coffee is wet-hulled, a uniquely Indonesian processing method that produces the hallmark Indonesian flavor. 

2) Edelweiss Estate from Tanzania is a true gem, employing sustainable farming practices. The resulting cup is a delightful symphony of citrusy acidity, floral undertones, and a velvety smooth body. 

Today, we pay tribute to our coffee heritage by combining Europe's most cherished and traditionally consumed coffee with one of Africa's latest and most innovative coffees.

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We roast unusual, small farm coffees and deliver them to you at the peak of flavor. Finding exceptional small farm coffee is our superpower.

We Roast for taste, rather than color, so you can enjoy the true character and subtleties each varietal has to offer. Check out our ever-changing availability list, this is the best coffee in the market.

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Small batches mean personal attention to every roast. Our Diedrich roaster only produces 20 pounds at a time for a total output of about 60 pounds an hour. That's home cooking!

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