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Two Pound Coffee Combo

$ 34.00

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February marks the beginning of a new year in coffee, as cherries are ripening in the much-loved coffee-producing countries of Central America, and deliveries are wrapping up from southern producers in South America, Africa, and Indonesia.

Let's celebrate this season together with the best of the best!

1) Bali Blue Krishna is a stunning coffee from Indonesia, full of rich fruit aromas and volcanic earthiness, earthy and mysterious. It's also the #1 most requested coffee that just about everyone has been asking us to deliver.

2) Brazil Mogiana is full-bodied and low acid, making it the perfect coffee for many people. Coffee from the Mogiana region of Brazil is some of the best in the world. It's not too sharp, not too sweet, and not too earthy. It's just right.

Celebrate this season of renewal with the best of the best! 2 real pounds of crazy delicious coffee for only $28 delivered. Enjoy!

Use code: COMBO at checkout for your $6 discount!


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