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Two Pound Coffee Combo

$ 34.00

I am so excited to share coffee with you today!

Our new custom made roaster is performing flawlessly. You will taste the difference!

India coffee from Arabidicool Estate is back and more exciting than ever, with deceptively sweet and mild aromas, a full, rich cup, and a massive volcanic finish. This coffee will thrill you and everyone who tries it.

Tanzania Peaberry from Mbeya is the best example of the classic Peaberry style I can remember drinking in the last 20 years.

Peaberry is the most requested coffee we roast and also some of the rarest beans. These sell out FAST!

Offers like this are why I love Club Crema. You will never forget the moment you taste these beans, and you'll wish you had bought an extra order!

Two real pounds, roasted and shipped while still warm for just $28 delivered.

Call me, 866.432.5063, and I'll help you order these shipped as gifts to your friends and family. It's that good!

Text the letters "OBR" to 29071 today to receive the deepest discounts on the freshest coffee offers! Your coupon will be applied to the order on your phone.

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