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Two Pound Coffee Combo

$ 32.00

Try our two pound coffee combo!  Now featuring two exquisite varietals from South America, Colombia Nariño Supremo and Peru Norte!

Our Colombia Supremo from Nariño is amazing.  It's one of the smoothest coffees I've ever roasted.  It's the king of specialty coffees, and I can't believe how much I  enjoy drinking it.  This is a rich, smooth and full coffee.  There is no bitterness to this one; it's all creamy goodness.

Beans from Peru have a very smooth, soft aroma. There is a delicate fragrance of cherry from the coffee fruit. Next is a whiff of chocolate caramel candy, and a hint of spice and roasted sugar. It's smooth and creamy.  Did we mention that it's certified organic?

As always, your coffee is roasted fresh and shipped while the beans are still warm.

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