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About Us

Our Mission

By serving the best quality coffee and satisfying the needs of every coffee drinker we meet, we can meet the needs of every employee.

What We Do

We roast unusual, small farm coffees and deliver them to you at the peak of flavor. Roasting for taste, rather than color, you enjoy the true character and subtleties each varietal has to offer.

Small batches mean personal attention to every roast. Our Diedrich roaster only produces 20 pounds at a time for a total output of about 60 pounds an hour.

Who We Are

Seth: Coffee Buyer
Buster: Coffee Roaster
Frank:  Lead Coffee Roaster
Shayna: Customer Service
Naomi: Operations, Web Stuff, Customer Service, Office, Etc.
Wendy: Packaging Dervish

Discover Old Bisbee Roasters!

Authentic small farm coffee, Shipped while still warm, Delivered coast-to-coast in two days. That’s our Superpower!

The story of Old Bisbee Roasters began with a cast iron frying pan and a handful of home-grown coffee. Seth’s passion for food and friends fueled a lifetime of discovery and adventure. With over 20 years of experience in the fast-moving green coffee bean market, Seth continues to deliver and an authentic and transparent market experience, showcasing individual small farm products daily.
We feature individual small farm coffee, and each back label is an actual accounting of the farmers, co-operatives, geography, and benefits to the community that growing the best coffee in the market can afford them. A typical delivery of ten coffee sacks from each farm is available for less than two weeks, and when the coffee is consumed the label is retired. This is the Old Bisbee Roasters market experience. Try OBR for yourself. You'll be amazed!

Visit Old Bisbee Roasters!

Our Hours:
Weekdays, our crew is busy roasting and shipping coffee.  You can buy freshly roasted coffee at Poco Market, 15 Main Street, in Old Bisbee.
Visit Seth on Saturdays and Sundays at the shop to drink free shots of espresso from the man himself!  Pick up a pound or two while you're here.
USPS picks up your warm, just roasted coffee at 1pm. Discover what makes Old Bisbee Roasters the most unusual and flavorful coffee roasters of all time.
Closed postal holidays.

Weekends At The Roasting Shop!

Meet Seth, your personal coffee roaster, hanging out in front of the shop, for a free shot of espresso! Sat-Sun 10ish-5 or 6ish. Later if he's having fun.

7 Naco Road, at the entrance to Old Bisbee.

Please consider me your personal coffee roaster.

~Seth Appell

"A gentleman is always ready to serve coffee at a moment's notice."