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Coffee Archive

Brazil Fazenda Rainha

Brazil South America

Received 5/9/2017

I know you've been waiting for Brazil coffee, and we drink a lot of it.  It's delicious!

At first...

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Sumatra Takengon Mandheling


Received 4/24/2017

Bisbee, AZ, is famous for its copper mine tour that takes visitors into the middle of the Earth!...

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Colombia Nariño Supremo

Colombia South America

Received 5/2/2017

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica...

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Uganda Sipi Falls

Africa Uganda

Received 4/25/2017

We love how big, creamy and sweet our latest Uganda Sipi Falls is, making it a lovely and unique single...

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Costa Rica La Rosa

Central America Costa Rica

Received 4/18/2017

Refreshing. Uplifting. Tasty. Mild.  So delicate and sweet and clean:  a coffee dessert.  It's like a Mexican chocolate; the...

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