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Papua New Guinea Peaberry from Nebilyer Valley

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Craftsmanship in your coffee is something you can taste in your cup, and Papua New Guinea coffee showcases that craftsmanship, both from the art of the roaster as well as the multi-generational pride that goes into producing each harvest. We are lucky to get coffees like these which sell out before the containers land in the US.

It's easy to see why Papua New Guinea Peaberry from Nebilyer Valley is so popular. It's smooth, creamy goodness. The aromas are clean, earthy, and deep. The flavors are full and will cover your entire palate. The finish is incredibly long. We are loving this coffee!

This is an exquisite Indonesian coffee that is creamy and smooth, with a touch of maple syrup and graham cracker as the coffee is sipped. The finish lingers with buttery honey pecan notes.

The fact that this is a peaberry makes this coffee a tiny bit spicier and more complex. Remember, too, that peaberry coffee makes up only about 5% of a coffee harvest. It's ridiculously good!

Aroma: Nutty, Caramel, Floral
Cup:  Smooth, Sweet Graham Cracker
Finish:  Buttery Honey, Pecan

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About this Coffee

GROWER: Smallholder farmers organized around the Kuta mill 
REGION: Tambul-Nebilyer District 
ALTITUDE: 1,350 meters 
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in the sun 
VARIETY: Bourbon, Typica 
HARVEST: April-September 
SOIL: Volcanic loam 
CERTIFICATION: Conventional 

Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley Peaberry is sourced from family-owned farms located in the Nebilyer Valley within Tambul-Nebilyer District, Papua New Guinea. Each producer cultivates coffee on 1 to 2 hectares of land. The coffee is fully washed and sun dried at the Kuta mill, which has been in operation for over 40 years.

The Kuta mill operates between the Ulga and Kolga tribes and has become a place of common ground for producers who have traditionally been in conflict because of tribal differences. The mill owner, Brian Leahy, makes a bonus payment after the harvest to farmers who consistently deliver quality cherries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph Girone

It was and is a delicious cup of coffee it is like having a mouthful of pecans smothered in cocoa awesome

Elizabeth Lockerman
Can’t go back to Starbucks

The smell… omg ! Before brewing is amazing. During brewing is amazing. I can taste all the notes and flavors. After this coffee, I can’t go back to Starbucks. It tastes terrible. You have ruined me for all other coffees ! ❤️