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Tanzania Finagro Estate Peaberry

$ 17.00

I know that the holy grail of coffee for many of you is a peaberry!  And, this peaberry from Finagro Estate in Tanzania delivers.

For the uninitiated, peaberry coffee is very rare – in fact, only about 5% of the coffee crop results in a peaberry. Here's the scoop: The coffee cherry usually contains two seeds (what we call the coffee bean) that grow flat against each other. However, sometimes a natural mutation occurs and only one bean forms. They are smaller, denser, and round. The flavors and characteristics are super concentrated.

And, the coffee is rigorously hand sorted to obtain the cherished peaberry, so just take a moment to appreciate the hard work that goes into your cup.

This coffee is everything we want in a cup. It's fully washed and dried on raised platforms to ensure the best quality.

This is a dense, full bodied coffee with a lovely sweetness throughout. The aroma reminds me of fresh baked bread and Mom's apple pie. There is also a sweetness, but not floral as in other African coffees.

In the cup, it's full bodied, with notes of candied pecans, and chocolate syrup.

The finish is lingering with a bit of spice and hints of butter cookies. Really, I like this coffee for going into the cooler fall weather that is right around the corner.

Aroma: Warm Bread, Chocolate, Sweet (not floral), Apple Pie
Cup:  Full Bodied, Candied Pecan, Syrupy, Chocolate Syrup
Finish: Lingering, Spicy, Butter Cookies

About this Coffee

GROWER: Finagro Ascona Estate
REGION: Karatu District, Arusha Region, Tanzania
ALTITUDE: 1700 meters
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in raised beds
VARIETY: Bourbon (N39), Kent, SL-28, and SL-34
HARVEST: September - February
SOIL: Volcanic loam
CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance Certified

Tanzania RFA Finagro Estate Peaberry Lot 202 GrainPro is sourced from a family-owned estate located in the Karatu district, Tanzania. The lowest and highest elevations in all of Africa, the floor of Lake Tanganyika (352 meters below sea level) and Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters above sea level) are both located in Tanzania. The Finagro estate is located between these commanding landmarks, with 250 acres of coffee cultivated on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater, which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More than 25,000 wild animals, including the largest population of lions, make their home within the crater walls. The Vohora family has owned and managed the Finagro Estate for three generations. Finagro has 450 acres of coffee split between two coffee farms (Ascona and Helgoland), a newly renovated wet-mill, and a dry mill facility, which ensures quality control and traceability throughout the entire process. The farms are also well diversified with more than 120 bee hives for honey production, Macadamia tree nursery producing more than 10,000 seedlings per year and an agroforestry program. Finagro has 50 full-time employees and nearly 500 people employed during the peak of the harvest. The rounder shaped peaberry, formed from the maturation of one seed per cherry rather than the typical two seeds, is meticulously sorted during the milling process for its distinct flavor profiles.

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