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Wild Forest Moka Java

Wild Forest Moka Java

$ 19.00

Moka Java is back, and I truly think this is the best we've ever blended here at Old Bisbee Roasters.  It is a big, deep, complex, balanced blend of two robust coffees.

So what happens when we make the original coffee blend, Moka Java? Well, let me tell you, it's a powerhouse of a coffee. 

In the nose, the full, earthy aroma comes right through. There are notes of spice and orange zest.

In the cup, the body is very bold and thick. I can taste sweet, rich molasses notes, and hints of grapefruit. There's tons of cocoa as well!

The finish is lingering and really hangs on. There are spice notes of nutmeg, and there is a slight sharp zing of cranberry. Not too much. As it lingers, the berry-ness goes to hints of cherry and deep, dark chocolate.

I can undoubtedly say that this Moka Java is the ONE to try if you Have fond memories of previous years' Moka Java or want to try it for your first time.

The story of Moka Java, as I understand it, is that the Persians controlled the coffee trade in Europe in the 16th century. They boiled the coffee seeds before allowing them to be exported, rendering them unable to be propagated. A Dutch horticulturalist taped a live cutting to his chest and smuggled it out of Ethiopia, growing the plant in a horticultural museum on the island of Java. This new Indonesian coffee had a striking earthiness, so the Dutch blended this coffee in equal amounts with Ethiopian coffee and named it Moka Java after its ports of origin: Yemen Moka and Java in Indonesia. We don't do much blending here, but the super earthy profile of the Java begs to be blended with the wild flavor of the Ethiopia. This is thick, rich, and delicious. Don't miss this one!

Aroma:  Earthy, Spicy, Orange Zest
Cup:  Bold, Thick, Sweet, Molasses, Cocoa, Hint of Grapefruit
Finish:  Lingering, Dark Chocolate, Cherry

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