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Moka Java Blend

Moka Java Blend

$ 16.00
With our incredible Moka-Java Blend, we have the pairing of flavor-profile opposites. This is the original Old World blend.  The Moka coffees of Ethiopia are a dry-processed varietal from very old botanical varieties of Arabica coffee, while Java was the original successfully established Dutch coffee growing colony in Indonesia. It has been an incredibly long time since we have had these coffees available, and this is the one true coffee blend that we find universally enjoyable. It's rich, complex, smooth, and possesses a little hint of everything we love about coffee.

The cup is sweet and rich, with a hint of deep berry.  In the cup, there is the richness of cacao nibs, vibrant and deep, with the sweetness of dried plums.  The finish is mysterious and lingering.  Delicious!

Take just a moment to enjoy the low-toned richness, characteristic of our full, earthy Bali Kintamani coffee, blended with the spicy, fruity, Ethiopia Natural. Wrested from the Persian empire, cultivated by Dutch growers in Indonesia, delicately blended, your Moka-Java is, in its traditional form, the world's oldest coffee blend. We know you're going to love it!

Roast Color: Medium-to-Dark Roast Color
Prep: Full Natural and dried in the sun
Body: Smooth, dense
Flavor Profile: Complex, with notes of cherry, cedar and cocoa

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