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Brazil Mogiana

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One Real 16oz. Pound

One of oour favorite South American coffees is back!    Brazil Mogiana is full-bodied and low acid, making it the perfect cup for EVERYONE!  Coffee from the Mogiana region is among the best in the world. It's not too sharp, not too sweet, and not too earthy. It's just right.

Our Brazil Mogiana is a completely pleasant cup of coffee. Our current offering is Fine Cup and Strictly Soft, the highest cup category in the Brazilian coffee grading.   This is truly the best of the best!

The coffee is creamy, smooth, and delicious.  It is the traditional, full-bodied, sweet Brazil coffee we all know and love.

It's so consistently sweet from start to finish: in the nose, it has the aroma of S'mores, sugarcane, and sugar cookies.

The coffee is full-bodied in the cup, and I taste bakers' chocolate and caramelized sugar.

The finish lingers beautifully with the taste of cordial cherries, molasses, and dark chocolate.

Put this coffee on your radar.

Everyone in the shop is excited to have this one back again.   If you have yet to try my Brazilian coffee, you have to give this a try. I highly recommend it. It's an incredible experience.

Aroma: Sweet, S'Mores, Sugarcane, Sugar Cookies
Cup: Smooth, Full and Round, Baker's Chocolate Caramelized Sugar
Finish: Lingering, Cordial Cherry, Molasses, Dark Chocolate

One Pound

Origin Information

GROWER: Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé Ltda.
REGION: The Mogiana region, an area along the border of the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil
ALTITUDE: 800-1,200 Meters
PROCESS: Full natural and dried in the sun and mechanical driers
VARIETY: Bourbon, Mondo Novo hybrid
HARVEST: May-August
SOIL: Volcanic loam

Brazil Mogiana 17/18 FC SS is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé located in the Mogiana growing region, which is split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain, lending to small- to medium-sized farms. As the world's largest coffee producer, Brazilian producers often use highly mechanized processing strategies to manage larger volumes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Rich and full

Love the richness and full mouth feel. Highly recommend.

Had the good fortune to meet Seth in Bisbee and now order online. Orders go out fast via USPS Prioriry Mail. Love it. ❤️

Linda Hoffman
Love Old Bisbee Roasters

I love that fact that I can go on line and order our coffee beans. You are always quick to respond to my order. It comes quickly. Thank you for your wonderful service. We love the coffee flavors.

William Pattison
Bill Pattison

We have been ordering wonderful Old Bisbee Coffee for many years. We have been delighted each time. We are proud to recommend it to friends and guests.

Denis Holmes
Gift of Coffee

Gifted to a friend, you may possibly have a new customer….

Ted M. Young
My All Time Favorite

This is my favorite coffee from any roaster. Just the right balance of flavors and smoothness.