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Guatemala Finca La Providencia

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One Real 16oz. Pound

I am pleased to introduce a Guatemalan coffee masterpiece that goes by the name of Palhu. This delightful brew comes from a family steeped in tradition - the Palacios family - who have been producing coffee for three generations.

The beauty of this 600-acre estate is the mill, strategically positioned on a high slope, which allows ripe cherries to wash downhill through a series of canals, all by the sheer force of gravity.

The cherries are washed down long canals, then de-pulped and left to ferment for thirty-six hours in a large, tile-covered tank, then mechanically washed with a demucilager, striping away any remaining pulp. Next, this cleaned coffee is washed through another long series of classification channels, separating the beans by bean density. At the end of this journey, the coffee conveniently falls onto the patio, where the water runs off, and the beans are left to dry in the sun.

This intricate and carefully planned process sets the Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Providencia Palhu apart.

It's not just a cup of coffee; it's an experience, a journey that starts in the high slopes of San Pedro Necta and ends in your coffee cup.

Every sip is a testament to the Palacios family's commitment to tradition, quality, and environmental responsibility. So next time you enjoy a cup of Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Providencia Palhu, remember, you're not just drinking coffee; you're partaking in a legacy that spans three generations.

Aroma: Rich Floral Cinnamon Aroma
Body: Juicy, filled with Baker's Chocolate and Cinnamon Toast
Finish: Clean, filled with Sweet Licorice Candy.

One Pound

About this Coffee

GROWER: Maximiliano Palacios and Family | Finca La Providencia
REGION: Located in the municipality of the city of San Pedro Necta in the department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
ALTITUDE: 1550 masl
PROCESS: Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, dried in the sun on patios and in mechanical dryers
VARIETY: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, and Mundo Novo
HARVEST: October - February
SOIL: Clay minerals 

Third-generation coffee producer Maximiliano Palacios (Max) grows coffee in the heart of La Providencia on his 600-acre estate in San Pedro Necta. It is a beautifully maintained mill launching from a high point on the sloped property, where ripe cherries are placed in water and carried through intricate canals designed to take full advantage of gravity.  The panoramic view of the entire farm from this perch easily pulls one's attention from the cherry flowing past to be depulped. After 36 hours fermenting in a sizeable tile-covered tank, the coffee is mechanically washed with a demucilager to reduce water contamination and then pushed back into a canal where water and gravity join forces again to drag the coffee through long classification channels to separate out less dense beans.  The coffee conveniently falls from the channel onto the patio, where the water runs off, and the parchment can dry in the sun. Dried parchment is taken to a dry mill in Guatemala City, where the coffee is prepared for export.

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Customer Reviews

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Gregory S
Old Bisbee Roasters

Seth has been delivering coffee to my household for almost 2 decades. There’s the BEST , then there’s the rest!!!

One of my favorites!

Absolutely delicious! I have always been a fan of Guatemala coffee and Old Bisbee Roasters always delivers. I have to been ordering coffee from here for a number of years and have yet to be disappointed!


I love your coffee, I order it here in Tucson and even when we go back to Sitka Alaska. It's the best!!!!


Best coffee we have ever tasted! Excellent personal service!

Elizabeth Long
Guatemala Coffee From Old Bisbee Roasters

My son has been ordering this coffee for the past 20 years. Now my daughter is ordering this coffee. Having spent 2 1/2 weeks at her house recuperating from 2 broken ribs, I was drinking this coffee every day. Love it, so now I am ordering it myself. It is absolutely delicious!!