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Tanzania Edelweiss Estate Peaberry

$ 19.00
Peaberries are far more prevalent in Tanzania exports than almost anywhere else in the world other than Kenya. The two neighboring countries are the only ones to have successfully commercialized the grade. In Tanzania’s case, peaberry coffee is regularly in higher demand than larger screen sizes, so much so that the grade is practically synonymous with Tanzania’s specialty sector. This is thanks to many years of successful marketing of what is, in every coffee-producing country, a naturally-occurring mutation of the seed that accounts for 5-10% of all coffee worldwide. Peaberries from specialty producers and high elevations roast beautifully, thanks to the tightly controlled size and density. For the same reason, the cup is often more focused and cleaner than multi-screen versions of the same coffee. 

Edelweiss Estate is a coffee paradise. Natural forest canopy shades over 400 hectares of trees, more than half of which is preserved as native forest. There are reservoirs and a dam, allowing efficient irrigation and conservation of water. Growing mainly a Bourbon variety first cultivated in India and other newer Kenyan cultivars, the clear focus is quality, and it’s exhilarating to see and taste the attention and dedication of farmers who are clearly resolved to make the most of their extraordinary corner of the planet.


Aroma: Very sweet, delicate, creamy, fresh sugar cookies
Full body, bright and juicy, with notes of dark chocolate
Finish:  Hints of citrus, plum, sassafras spice

One Real Pound (16oz)


About this Coffee

GROWER: Edelweiss Oldeani Estate
REGION: Karatu District, Arusha Region, Tanzania
ALTITUDE: 1600 – 1850 meters
PROCESS: Fully washed and dried in raised beds
VARIETY: Batian, Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Kent, SL-28
HARVEST: July - December
SOIL: Volcanic loam
CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance Certified 

The Edelweiss Estate has been in the Vohora family since the end of World War II. In recent years, the Vohora family has made significant farm renovations, including intercropping macadamia trees for shade and income diversity. Mill innovations have also vastly improved water management and quality control from picking to export. More than 50 full-time employees have access to housing and land to grow food crops for their families.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

One of my favorites.

Alan Koslow
Fantastic Coffee

A superb coffee. Beautiful taste and so enjoyable. A pure delight. One of my favorites form Seth, who has so many fantastic coffees. Been a loyal customer when I fist met Seth in Bisbee while on vacation from Seattle.

Jason Tavares
Exceptional coffee, Exceptional company

I've been ordering from this company since I visited Bisbee 3 years ago. And I have no plans of giving my business to anyone else.

Jim Freitag
Tanzania Peaberry!

The hills are alive with the sound of me singing after a cup of Tanzanian Peaberry. A wonderful taste and lovely creama. Thank you

Meg Barth Gammon
"Edelweiss ...every morning you greet me"

Remember "Sound of Music"?
This coffee greets me like the Edelweiss (Swiss flower) that gives its name to the Edelweiss Estate in Tanzania. I'm not a coffee expert, it just tastes good....and...."greets me". And my purchase supports " more than 50 full-time families who have access to housing and land to grow their own food crops.