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Coffee Archive — Africa

Malawi Mzuzu Cooperative

Africa Malawi

Received 6/20/2017

Everyone in the shop is raving about Malawi Mzuzu.  Back after a years' long absence, you are going...

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Uganda Sipi Falls

Africa Uganda

Received 4/25/2017

We love how big, creamy and sweet our latest Uganda Sipi Falls is, making it a lovely and unique single...

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Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry

Africa Tanzania

Received 3/28/2017

I just love hanging out in Peddler's Alley and serving free shots of espresso, and I really love sharing...

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Congo Kinu Hutwe

Africa Congo

Received 2/28/2017

The aroma is mild and inviting, with cedar bark fragrance.
My first sip is vivid, with clean black tea...

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